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It is possible to talk about BMW auto endlessly because the brand has become a real legend during the whole period of its existence. Today, anyone, even far from the automobile world, unmistakably recognizes BMW from the general flow by hallmarks, curves and, certainly, a brand feature of the company – the radiator grille.


In 1983, production of the E21 ended, and it was replaced by the E30.  No one could imagine that it will become so popular.


The BMW E30 is the second generation of the body of the 3 Series. That version of the compact car was produced from 1982 to 1994. The manufacturer has not only made an update of the internal parts for the BMW E30, but the company’s designers have worked well on the exterior that the beautiful proportions of the E30 still capture the fans of the brand BMW. And the style of this car is considered a classic. It was with the E30 models, the company abandoned the beveled shark-grille and began using square headlights.

Parts for bmw e30

Many fans believe that the BMW E30 tune is the best way to make the car a sample of style.


This model is considered quite old, as its production was stopped in 1993. This is a problem for car enthusiasts who are trying to provide a great look for their car because it is quite difficult to get parts for the BMW E30.


Where to find bodykit the BMW E30, louvers, square headlights that were very popular in the mid-’80s…


Many fans like the way the BMW E30 looks with square headlights, which were the height of fashion in the 1980s in America. 


The most famous and widespread of the firms offering this design was the German company the Taifun. Such the BMW E30 taifun grill with Hella optics could be bought separately for many brands as a retrofit. Also, it was a part of the BMW E30 4-door wide body kit, which consisted of the BMW E30 taifun grill the entire width of the car, four square headlights on special frames, four lamps, fasteners, wiring. The company stopped production in 1996 and unfortunately, those e30 parts are no longer available.

bmw e30 pandem and wide body kit

Today car enthusiasts are trying to find an alternative to the original parts for the BMW E30. We also love this model and want to have more rare and old tuned cars around. That’s why we are producing replica plastic parts for retro cars, including E30 parts.  No matter how great every BMW car is, there will always be some detail (or for some people, not detail at all) that you’ll want to fix or adapt for yourself. We want every fan of old cars, can easily find the BMW E30 4-door wide body kit or the BMW E30 louvers and make his car elegant, unique or sporty.


We use only tested durable materials. If necessary, we can slightly modify the parts so that their installation does not take a lot of time and effort, no matter if you are installing a pandem or bodykit the BMW E30. 


The E30 is one of the most iconic cars in the world. In the 80s it was a brand-new car. Today, it is a rarity and driving this kind of car is a sign of good taste. To find parts forthe BMW E30, you do not need to look for anywhere else. You can find everything you need on our website.


Give your BMW E30 a fascinating ’80s look!

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