As the name implies, we produce body parts made of plastic. We are doing this purposefully. Obvious advantages of plastic, we will not repeat. Yes, it is lighter, more stable and simpler than iron. The cracked wing is easy to seal with dichloroethane. Cracks, chips, scratches – don’t matter. There will be time, then you can do it. Do not race with the rust. But we don’t even like that. We like the simplicity of the job. Throw off or put the hood? Easy. Hit this hood on the glass – don’t care. Has the wing slipped to the floor? There is no tragedy. Raised, erased the dust. Please note that we drove as if our cars were made of crystal. We preserve the paint and varnish coating as much as we can. Well, most. So this is no longer necessary. Now we can just take care of the body repair. And throwing 50 kilograms off the car is also saving. And we are contributing to price policy. Have ordered the item – come back and pick up in a couple of days. There is a wish to look and touch with hands before ordering? Come see and touch that what is on our machines and prototypes.

The advantages of plastic parts

  1. Lighter than metal and fiberglass
  2. Resistant to rust
  3. Durable, no deformation and shrinkage like fiberglass
  4. Resistant to moisture and road reagents
  5. Ease of removal and installation due to low weight
  6. Elastic and impact resistant. When falling do not deform
  7. You can use all types of car paints
  8. Easy repair in garage conditions. It does not require special equipment
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