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BME e34 in the

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Installation examples


We have several plastic textures available to order.
The STANDARD is the most famous building, which is more than 50 years old. 
The CLASSIC has a less pronounced structure than the standard. It has a beautiful matte reflection at a distance of more than a meter.
FOR PAINTING – the only smooth structure in our collection. There are small irregularities on it that simulate damage to the plastic from time.
BLACK CHROME is a black shiny surface like a mirror.
BLACK FRIDAY – has minor damage, photos on request.

Once upon a time...

The rear window louvers first appeared in the 1965 Lamborghini Miura. It was partly a design element (comprising the then-innovative engine, installed in the middle instead of glass), and a functional element (providing at least some rear visibility). Since then, rear louvers have gradually become a fashion statement.

The “big break” in the rear louver area came in 1969 when Ford’s chief designer Larry Shinoda made the now-iconic Mustang, Boss 302 and Boss 429 a staple, as well as the Mach 1 Mustang. It was stylish but leak out less heat into the cabin as the Mustangs had a fastback roof with large horizontal rear windows letting in a lot of sunlight. Even with the air conditioner on, those huge rear windows kept the sports cars warm pretty quickly. Since many of the sports cars also had a black interior, the heat from these rear windows could dramatically increase the inside temperature.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the fashion for louvers grew. Some vehicles came with louvers as a standard feature. The DeLorean DMC-12 had standard plastic rear window louvers. The louvers added the futuristic design to the car, but since the engine was at the rear of the car, the louvers helped prevent hot air from entering the cabin.


Why we love louvers for rear window

Original sporty look of the 80s

Direct inheritance of the classic sports car look.

Highlight your car from thousands of similar BMW e30

We all know what the ordinary BMW looks like. And we want to show its beauty!

Easy to install and remove

The Louvre is mounted on special hardware kit that can be bought on Ebay, Amazon, etc.

Design reinforces BMW style

The louvers in the rear window create a blurred silhouette for a sporty look

New body line

Surprisingly, the presence of blinds visually raise the trunk line, making the car’s butt lift.

Who are we?

We are maniacs who love rare and beautiful tuning of old cars. For several years now we have been creating copies of such plastic parts. We love to make old parts strictly adhering to all visible parts and dimensions. And sometimes we modify parts for better fit. We regularly test new materials and components to see how you can use them to maintain the great design of your vehicles.”I love to restore the old tuning! If we managed to get an old part in a broken condition – this is a huge fortune. Plastic does not live long. But sometimes you have to re-create parts based on old photos.”

Ilya, Development Manager

How to buy

Click on the button "Add to cart" and pay for the purchase.

We make the part. We do not store parts to reduce costs.

We pack and ship.

You receive, install, send a photo. If you have questions, ask.


Easy installation rear window Louvers

100% Quality & Ship Guarantee

If you bought through PayPal, Buyer Protection applies to you. If you have not received the package, we will send the product again.

How we created the Louvers for BMW e34

We are the only ones who produce this part. We created this part anew. We didn’t have photos, renderers, etc. and we had to draw a simple drawing on a computer. Then a 3D model was created based on this picture. And only after that the matrix was made for production.


What is our Louvers made of?

We make our parts from abs plastic. It holds its shape well and does not depend on weather conditions, unlike fiberglass. And unlike other plastics, it is a true three-component composite. Acrylic, styrene and butadiene are well known. But their varieties in the ABS work in a very interesting way. Acrylic and styrene form a three-dimensional lattice responsible for rigidity. Butadiene molecules are inside this lattice. And they are responsible for the elasticity of plastic. In terms of fire resistance, impact resistance, frost resistance and chemical resistance, it bypasses polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene and other types of widespread plastics.

What else?

On special request, we can make the louvers of a transparent material.


Here you will find answers to all your important questions before you buy

All our items are packed in a five-layer cardboard box. There is a frame inside of 5-mm corners for safety. All parts are fixed inside the box.

USA is 2 week, Europe is a few days.

Modern ABS plastic, accurately transmitting the details of samples of the 90s. Well holds punches. If the impact was so strong that there is a crack, please contact us!

It is possible to install by yourself, but you will need the help of a friend to hold the louver.

We only produce black. You can paint in your color. Plastic is well painted.

We do not know. Till the matrix is destroyed. We have many other parts in production. We are not planning to make a new matrix this year.

You can buy the original part here. We are the original manufacturers.

Autoplas has never produced this part. We are the original.

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